The November election for President and Congress is the biggest election in our lifetime. Climate change. COVID-19. Police brutality. We can only begin to solve these problems with the ballot.

Which is why CCAN Action Fund is launching our campaign called “Fight to Vote. Vote to Live.” As you read this, powerful leaders across the country are doing all they can to purposefully suppress ballot access, especially in Black and Brown communities. 

That’s why we’re asking you to sign the pledge to “Fight to Vote.”

When you do, we’ll follow up with easy-to-use tools to register yourself and others to vote.  We’ll give you ways to write letters to new voters in other states. And if you help fund this campaign with a gift of $10, we’ll send you a “Fight to Vote” face mask!

Sign the pledge today!  

Sign the Pledge!

"Fight to Vote" Pledge: 

  • I pledge to register to vote 
  • I pledge to make a plan to vote - whether it is by mail or in person. 
  • I pledge to make sure my friends and family members who can vote, do vote. 
  • I pledge to take action to fight against voter suppression and make sure everyone is given the resources they need to vote.

This campaign is hosted by the CCAN Action Fund. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.