After the Bombshell UN Report: 

Tell Congress to Pass Joe Biden’s Clean Energy Agenda Now!


Are you freaked out by the “red alert” report on global warming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?  Then send a note to Congress telling them to pass Joe Biden’s ambitious climate agenda. 


The Biden proposal would trigger massive investments in clean energy, including a goal of 80% clean power by 2030. The proposal is now part of a “budget reconciliation” bill making its way through Congress. (This is separate from the more limited bi-partisan infrastructure bill Congress will pass today).


TAKE ACTION: Write your members of Congress and Senators today! You can use the template note we have provided. Or, better, you can customize your note by telling your members why you personally are concerned about global warming.


What’s motivating you to write this letter? Love of the oceans? Love of your children? Whatever it is, let that be the thing you write about and let that be the reason you DEMAND Congress pass Joe Biden’s full climate agenda.