Tell the Virginia General Assembly:
Protect Virginia's Climate Progress!


Over the last three years, Virginia has made incredible progress on climate. We became the first state in the South to pass a 100% clean energy bill. We joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, cutting pollution and creating millions of dollars for flood resilience and energy efficiency. And we passed Clean Car Standards, addressing vehicle pollution – the number one source of emissions in Virginia – by bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the Commonwealth. 

With federal tax incentives reducing the price of new EVs by $7500 and used EVs by $4000, clean cars are the same price or cheaper than a traditional vehicle. And the Commonwealth is set to spend $106 million over the next several years to put chargers on highways. But EVs will only come to Virginia if we keep our Clean Cars policy. 

Unfortunately, climate opponents in the General Assembly have filed seven bills to repeal Clean Car Standards. The Governor, a climate extremist, has outlined repeal as a major priority for his administration. That means we need to call on our legislators to stand tall against any efforts to walk us back on climate. 

Email your legislators! Tell them to protect climate progress and the Virginia Clean Car Standards.

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