Tell Your Senator to Support Energy Justice in Virginia!


Virginians face some of the highest utility bills in the nation and the Commonwealth is one of only 7 states with no protections against utility disconnections during extreme weather. 


Solar energy has become Virginia's cheapest energy source but ratepayers still face barriers accessing the shared solar program. 


All of that could change in 2023 through the following policies:


Save Shared Solar: the shared solar program provides access to solar energy to people without the space or means to acquire rooftop solar. Currently, the program is needlessly expensive and only available in Dominion territory. Ask lawmakers to impose a reasonable fee for solar access! 


Rate Reform: if your utility is Dominion, ⅔ of your energy bill is charges beyond the standard base rate. To limit the amount of excess charges, energy regulators should be able to choose whether a given energy project needs an additional charge – a “rider” – or whether the project costs is already recouped through the base rate. 


Utility Disconnection Protections: unlike the vast majority of other states, Virginia does not guarantee life-saving electric and water service during periods of extreme heat or cold. This bill would ensure that utilities cannot disconnect customers during extreme weather conditions. 


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