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The movement to create cleaner, healthier, all-electric new homes and buildings is lighting up America. There are wins on electrification in California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, and even nearby DC. The 2022 Maryland General Assembly missed its chance to pass comparable legislation on the state level.  But the Chesapeake Climate Action Network has a bold vision that Maryland counties will step up and lead on electrification legislation. Montgomery County and Howard County have already stepped up to the plate. Now it's time for Baltimore County to do the same!

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When something you love is on fire, stop throwing fuel on it.


The last seven years have been the hottest on record. We have to stop burning the fossil fuels that are trapping heat in the atmosphere. A good and relatively easy place to start is to require new buildings to be designed NOT to use fossil fuels. I respectfully ask you to support measures requiring new buildings in Baltimore County to stop burning fossil fuel – particularly methane gas – for space and water heating. 


By law, Maryland must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions levels 60% by 2031. The top recommendation of the 2021 Maryland Commission on Climate Change, chaired by Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s Environment Secretary and including several other cabinet secretaries, was for a requirement that all new building construction in the state be electricity no later than 2024. The Commission found that all-electric new homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have lower construction and ongoing energy costs than mixed-fuel homes – a savings of up to $1,700 annually over time for a new all-electric home.

Our county has long been proud to rank among the national leaders in a variety of quality of life measures. Moving to all-electric new construction will help the climate, lower the ongoing expenses of homeowners and businesses, and take our national reputation another large step forward. I urge you to support all-electric new building requirements in Baltimore County and to do so without delay. 

Thank you,