We are calling on the Council of the District of Columbia and the DC Public Service Commission (PSC) to adhere to the city’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2045. In order to do that, they MUST say NO to Washington Gas’ disastrous PROJECTpipes plan. 

PROJECTpipes will keep DC invested in gas and false climate solutions for decades to come, all while polluting our homes and communities with hazardous methane. Washington Gas is currently requesting support for Phase 3 of the plan, which would allow it to charge DC gas customers more than $670 MILLION over the next 5 years. We refuse to let Washington Gas make a profit off the physical and financial suffering of our most vulnerable residents. 

Sign below to demonstrate your opposition to PROJECTpipes!


We, the undersigned, call on the DC Public Service Commission to reject Washington Gas Light Company’s request for approval of PROJECTpipes Phase 3. Further, we call on the Council of the District of Columbia to take action in the matter by strengthening and enforcing the climate mandate of the Public Service Commission. 

PROJECTpipes is a complete contradiction to DC’s codified climate goals, it is an inequitable burden on low-income gas customers, and it is not a solution to the dangerous methane leaks persisting across our city. 


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