The General Assembly will soon have the opportunity to fill two vacancies on the State Corporation Commission (SCC), which regulates utilities and issues final approval for major energy projects, including clean energy programs. 

The newly elected judges would be charged with issuing approval for Dominion Energy’s intent to build new fossil fuel generators, like a massive new 1000 Megawatt methane gas plant proposed in Chesterfield County. 

We need to make sure the appointees are free from Dominion influence. 

Sign the petition to tell your Virginia legislators: Keep Dominion out of the SCC!

To Members of the General Assembly:

You will soon be tasked with appointing candidates to fill the vacant seats at the State Corporation Commission. I hope you will select candidates who keep Virginia’s best interests in mind and uphold Virginia’s commitments to clean energy.

Right now, Dominion Energy is planning a massive fossil fuel expansion. These plans run counter to the laws passed by the General Assembly to achieve climate progress and clean energy in the Commonwealth. It is essential that the General Assembly choose candidates that are committed to fully implementing our legislative mandate to realize a zero carbon grid at the lowest cost to Virginians. 

Dominion’s plans, among others, will be considered by the SCC, which wields enormous power over the clean energy transition. At the very least, it should be disqualifying to have a record of receiving donations from or working on behalf of regulated monopolies like Dominion.

We urge leadership to ensure these essential roles are filled by candidates that will hold big corporations accountable to meeting our climate goals.


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