Utility scale solar is by far the cheapest source of electricity overall – it can cost as low as $16 per unit of electricity, called a Megawatt-hour, compared to around $62 for existing gas facilities – or over $100 for new gas facilities. The math is simple: we must invest heavily in utility scale solar to enact a just transition to a climate-stable, clean energy future. 

Unfortunately, many localities have been plagued by misinformation about solar and passed local solar bans. 

To do our part to get off fossil fuels, Virginia’s localities need to leave the option for solar open. That means projects should be reviewed by localities on their merits, on a case-by-case basis. That’s what SB697 does – ensure that every solar project gets a fair review from local government. 

We need clean energy, and we need it now. So let’s make sure clean energy projects get the chance for a fair review. 

So email your lawmakers now. Tell them to support SB 697.

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