Believe it or not, we may have the leverage to convince the Governor Glenn Youngkin to sign a budget that includes language directing Virginia to rejoin this critical climate program. That’s because the legislature and Youngkin agreed to scrap the old budget and start from scratch, and this time, the Governor is expected to sign it.

This isn’t just about climate and air pollution. Without RGGI, flood resilience and low-income energy efficient housing programs are severely underfunded. RGGI is climate justice and housing justice, all wrapped into one. 

And RGGI isn’t the only major climate program that the Governor could approve through the budget. The Washington Metro Authority Transit Association, otherwise known as Metro, keeps tens of thousands of Virginians out of cars every year. And the Clean Energy Innovation Authority, a.k.a. "Green Bank," would funnel literally hundreds of millions of dollars for clean energy programs and build new economies all over the state. 

We can do more under Youngkin than we thought possible. But ONLY with your voice. 

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